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An experienced partner

With more than thirty years of experience, we are at home with the trade in onions like no other. In Benthuizen, we have all the facilities to deliver yellow and red onions in any desired size and packaging.

Modern production facilities

Our large capacity makes it possible to process batches efficiently. Immediately after harvesting, onions are dried to maintain quality. Next, the lot is sorted to size and automatically tailed.

With a large refrigerated storage capacity, we are able to respond quickly to any order, even the largest volumes. Quality, quantity, size and packaging unit: customer-specific delivery is our trademark.

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Yellow and red year-round

The Dutch onion is Delta Fresh's largest product group:

We maintain close contacts with suppliers in the main production regions of the Netherlands: growers in the coastal provinces, the three northern provinces, the Flevopolder and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. We continually have large volumes of onions available for sale to traders and exporters.

Red onions are also part of our delivery programme:

You can count on us for red onions all year round. Nine months a year, we can fall back on Dutch product. In the months when there is no domestic supply, we have red onions from Egypt. While maintaining our strict quality standards.

Red onions

Packaging, large and small

Fully automatic packaging lines deliver onions in any desired quantity:

From 500 grams to big bags of 1250 kilos. Speed is guaranteed. Up to 1000 bags an hour pass through the automatic packing and palletising machine. 

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